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A Leased Line, or an internet lease line, is a dedicated internet connection which provides a stable bandwidth up to 10Gbps. These dedicated lines, based on carrier Ethernet technology, range from 10Mb all the way up to 10Gb (10,000Mbps leased line). The leased line costs increase as the bandwidth increases.

According to Wikipedia, Leased line Definition:

“A leased line is a service contract between a provider and a customer whereby the provider agrees to deliver a symmetrical telecommunications line connecting one or more locations to each other, or the internet in exchange for a monthly rent.”

Leased lines have many different names? you may know them by the following:

  • Fibre Leased Line
  • Internet Leased Line
  • Fibre to the Premise (FTTP)
  • Dedicated Internet Connection
  • Dedicated Ethernet Connectivity
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • BTnet leased line
  • Secure Internet Access

Leased lines operate by connecting two separate locations with a private line. This can be between your business and the supplier network, giving you access to faster internet speeds as a standard. It can also be a connection between two different locations in your business.

Leased lines are delivered by fibre optic cable and need to be physically installed. That means digging up the ground and laying the cable in some areas, something which can take anywhere between one and three months. A lot depends on how close the main fibre optic network is in the first place.

Leased line costs are mainly determined by bandwidth and location but there are also many other factors including network maps, POP locations, and transit charges which can make prices differ dramatically. To ensure you receive the best performance at the best price you need to know all this information for every internet service provider- which is what has been built on. We will ensure your leased line costs are as low as possible.

As with any service, you need to shop around to find the best price for leased lines. There are several suppliers in the UK, including major companies like Virgin and BTnet as well as less well-known ones such as Zen and Colt.
For an average size business, you should really be looking at paying anything from £230 to £700 a month for your leased line package. The cost can increase depending on the size of your company, your location and the amount of work needed to install the dedicated line. Factors also include the speed of your leased line (the higher it is the more it costs) and the distance that your business is from the main carrier’s network.

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In relation to the business internet, a managed service refers to when an internet service provider proactively monitors the performance and uptime of their client’s internet connection- so they don’t have to.

SDSL stands for ‘Symmetric digital subscriber line’ and provides symmetrical, uncontended internet over copper- similar to Ethernet first mile.

These SDSL services are being phased out as they typically supplied bandwidth up to 8Mb and were very expensive. Ethernet first mile could supply typically 10Mb at a lower cost which has in turn, pretty much phased out SDSL.

Ethernet First Mile or an EFM circuit is an uncontended internet service over copper, rather than fibre. EFM Internet or EFM access direct, depending on location is likely to provide speeds up to 10Mb.

Ethernet in the first mile is ideal for companies (or individuals) that need a stable internet connection but do not use bandwidth heavy applications. For companies that will need over 10Mb in the near future are best to choose a fibre leased line to allow them to scale their bandwidth when needed.

Dedicated Internet access is a high speed, high performance and reliable internet access connection which is dedicated to your business. You have a dedicated internet access in the form of an SDSL connection, Ethernet first mile or a fibre leased line. All of which provide uncontended, symmetrical Internet with a service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee uptime.

We currently compare prices typically for 10Mb, 20Mb, 30Mb, 40Mb, 50Mb, 60Mb, 70Mb, 80Mb, 90Mb, 100Mb, 200Mb, 300Mb, 400Mb, 500Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, 5Gb & 10Gb. The higher the bandwidth and the more rural the postcode usually means the higher the leased line costs.

If you require a more specific bandwidth then we can run a custom search for you based on your requirements..