Ethernet Leased Line for Point-to-Point Connections

Many UK providers are now offering a point-to-point ethernet leased line service that is proving to be a hugely popular alternative to standard leased lines. Designed with growing businesses in mind, a point-to-point ethernet leased line enables businesses with multiple offices across the UK to streamline their internal processes and communications while still taking advantage of a fast and reliable internet service. So just what are some of the biggest advantages of a point-to-point ethernet leased line, how could your business benefit from these services, and how can you ensure you’re getting the best deal?

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Advantages of a Point-to-Point Ethernet Leased Line

Here are just some of the benefits your business can enjoy as a result of a point-to-point ethernet leased line, connecting all your offices, or a selection of premises, together to operate as a single unit:

Increase Productivity
A point-to-point ethernet leased line ensures that your staff has access to important centralised files no matter where they’re working, whether that’s from their usual desk or from one of your other UK offices.

Boost Reputation
Communications between offices is greatly improved thanks to faster speeds that facilitate voIP and file sharing. Boost reputation by ensuring knowledge unity across all offices for improved client experience.

Minimise Costs

If you’re struggling to operate with a standard ADSL line, but aren’t able to justify the costs for a leased line, a point-to-point ethernet leased line offers significant advantages for a more budget-friendly cost.

As with leased lines, businesses are able to upgrade or downgrade a point-to-point ethernet leased line as required. It’s a service that grows or downsizes in line with the business, so it’s always meeting needs.

Control & Monitor
By having all offices using the same connection, it becomes much quicker and easier to monitor data usage across all sites, enabling you to ensure that different requirements are met and exceeded.

While a point-to-point ethernet leased line offers a significant improvement in bandwidth compared to ADSL, you’ll still have the option to prioritise data packets for optimal business performance.

Point-to-Point Ethernet Leased Line Costs

The good news for businesses working to a strict budget is that a point-to-point ethernet leased line is often more budget-friendly than a standard leased line. Business who compare ethernet leased lines can find great deals from major UK providers, helping to get them working efficiently and effectively across all UK offices, while still saving money.

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