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BTnet Leased Line: Benefits of having business fibre and how much it costs

What is a BTnet leased line?

BTnet is just BT’s term for a leased line and a BT business line is normally resold by other companies, often at a lower cost. The costs will vary from other providers, this is just because each company will have a different pricing strategy. If you ever need BT leased line support then you’re in luck, they offer 24/7 support via phone and 8pm-8am support via live chat.

A leased line (same as BTnet, also known as BT business fibre) is the best type of internet connection you can get. With a leased line you get one-to-one contention, the same upload and download speed, no downtime, and a dedicated line (only you are using it). Compared to business broadband, leased lines are far superior.

When using broadband, you don’t get the upload/download speed that is advertised, this is because you share the speed with everyone else using broadband around you. The contention ratio of broadband can be anywhere from 10-to-1 to 50-to-1, whereas with a leased line the contention ratio will be one-to-one. With a business line the fibre comes directly from the exchange point to your business, so all the bandwidth is yours unless you let other people use your line.

The benefits of having a BTnet line

Another benefit of leased lines is the scalability they come with. If you’re on a 10/100MB line, then you can move up to a 20/100MB line. You can keep moving up in 10MB increments until you reach 100MB. The minimum speed is 10MB and the maximum speed is 100GB. All lines will have a certain sized bearer, whether it’s from Virgin or BT. You can either get a 100MB bearer or a 1GB bearer (in some cases a 100GB bearer). All a bearer does is determine the max speed your line can go up to. Once you’ve reached 100MB and you want to keep scaling up then you would need to move up to a 1GB bearer. Once you’ve got a 1GB bearer you start going up in 100MB increments rather than 10MB increments. So, you go from 100MB, to 200MB etc.

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The costs for a BT leased line vary from location to location. But for reference, normally a 10MB line would start from as low as £150 per calendar month. Other things that can affect the price are network maps, POP locations, and transit charges. The other big impact on cost is what provider is quoting you. The two main owners of the UK network infrastructure is BT & Virgin – so nearly all other leased line providers are re-sellers but will often resell much cheaper which is why it pays to compare prices.

Do I need a BTnet leased line?

You may need a leased line but there is no reason you would need to have one from BT unless you are already tied into a contract with them. A BT Business Line can be more expensive than the same line being resold by another provider. The only difference you would see is in your monthly bill and should you ever need support you would speak to the re-seller rather than BT.

BT have dominated the market in telecoms for decades and are a household name in the UK. However, this doesn’t mean they are your only option and it is always worth taking the time to compare some other prices against your BTnet leased line quote.

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