Dedicated lines – What’s the benefit?

Dedicated lines can seem like a big jump up from your standard ADSL or broadband, especially when it comes to price. We often speak to IT managers and business owners who don’t know if a dedicated line is what they need. So we thought we would help anyone else who has questions about dedicated lines with this blog.

What is a Dedicate Line?

So first things first what do people mean when they talk about dedicated lines? They are simply referring to fibre leased lines. The reason they are often referred to as dedicated lines is that with broadband, fibre to the cabinet (BT infinity) and ADSL internet services your business would be sharing the actual line delivering the internet with up to 50 other businesses. Although this is often a cheaper alternative the drawback is that you are much more likely to experience downtime, which in this day and age can cost you thousands.  The average business running on ADSL in the UK currently looses around £90k per year because of downtime so if you compare that against the price of having a dedicated line it is actually a cheaper alternative.

The benefit of getting a Leased Line Service

What are the benefits of my business switching to dedicated lines?

The main difference in having  dedicated lines is you will not be sharing with any other businesses so the providers will give you a guaranteed service level, should they fall below that agreement your business will start to incur money off your next bill.  This makes dedicated lines more stable and resilient than the cheaper alternatives. The other key benefit is the scalability of a leased line. As a fairly small company you may only need 10Mb of bandwidth at first which would be delivered over a 100Mb line, meaning as you grow you can increase that to suit your business bandwidth needs.

Dedicated lines are simply a guaranteed way to get the most reliable internet connection for your business. If you think your company is ready to upgrade contact us today for a free quote.

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