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What is a Leased Line?

Well to put it simply – A Leased Line is a dedicated, private ethernet line that businesses rent monthly to get a stable internet connection that also comes with guaranteed bandwidth. Unlike broadband, fibre leased lines provide you with symmetrical upload and download speeds which makes it feel up to 50 times faster than a broadband connection advertising the same speed. Leased Lines are not shared with any other businesses, so the speeds never fluctuate.

A leased line is a dedicated data connection which gives you symmetrical upload and download speeds and guarantees no downtime. Businesses use leased lines to deliver high speed, stable internet so they can have multiple users at one time with no impact to performance. Because the Leased Line is dedicated it means the bandwidth you need is solely reserved for your business so no more buffering at peak times.

The Internet is a huge part of most of our day-to-day lives now & businesses are no exception to that. Technology has made it easier than ever to integrate better systems & communications for your business with the use of cloud-based applications at an all-time high. However, there’s an old saying among IT managers than your cloud is only as good as the connection its run on. Internet Leased lines are the best and most stable connection you can get. So, if you have buffering broadband, cloud-based business applications or slow speeds then a leased line could be the solution you need.

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Types of Leased Lines May 2024

Leased Lines is a broad term in tech and can be used to describe several different rented lines, including broadband. So, it’s important to know the difference:

  • Fibre Leased Lines – This is what is most commonly meant when anyone discusses leased lines. They give you a dedicated, stable Internet connection using fibre optic cable, allowing you to have guaranteed speeds. Occasionally may also be called ethernet leased lines, private circuit, data line, dedicated line or fibre pipe.
  • EFM – Stands for ethernet first mile which means the first mile from the exchange is fibre and the rest to your building is copper. This means its not available everywhere and speeds are generally quite low, but it is a suitable option for small businesses that don’t need a high bandwidth & do need stability.
  • DSL Leased Lines – These leased lines are rare and not as well known as their fibre cousins. DSL leased lines provide low bandwidth, non-contended, symmetrical internet connections. This is unlike most other DLS connections which are usually shared and have a faster download speed.
  • WAN/MPLS leased lines – These are networks made for businesses with more than one site that they need connection. WAN stands for wide area network and MPLS is a protocol used to make data transfers quicker on the leased lines/connections used.

Let us find the best Leased Lines prices and providers for your business!

How secure is a leased line?

We are all aware of how important cybersecurity is, especially in business. But how secure is a leased line? Well, in a nutshell, they are very secure – many people know leased lines as private lines, and this is because they are only dedicated to your business. So, your leased line is exclusively for you which means you won’t ever get public traffic on your line. This will naturally make it less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Private leased lines are not encrypted but most multi-site users would set up a VPN or encryption if they send any sensitive data via the internet. The problem with tapping into a leased line is it’s very difficult to do and most hackers would instead try a phishing scam or other similar method to gain access to your network. You can also make your leased line “incognito” by using layer 2 MPLS or a VPN network. Your IT manager should already have your IT security in check but if you do have any questions providers are always happy to help.

So why would you get a leased line? There are the obvious benefits like the speeds you can get, the security of the line etc. But there is so much more to a leased line:

  • Better Support – Providers of leased lines will monitor the line 24/7, give you round the clock tech support & are so confident that your line won’t go down they put a Service Level Agreement on it. Should your service ever drop below this level they will even start paying you back!
  • Easy Scalability – Leased lines provide bandwidths over a “bearer line”. If you got a 10Mb leased line it will generally be carried on the 100Mb bearer. This means should you get to a stage you grow the company or need more bandwidth you can do this by simply arranging it with your provider

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