What is ‘Managed’ Internet?

If your business is shopping around for a new internet service, you’ve probably noticed that some services are ‘managed’, and some are ‘unmanaged’, but what do these terms really mean?

Understanding Managed Internet

The difference between a managed internet service and an unmanaged internet service is quite simple; a managed service is regulated and overseen by your chosen provider. This means that the company will be monitoring your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that everything’s running smoothly and to make certain that any faults that pop up on the line are dealt with effectively and efficiently. You may notice some leased line providers saying they’ll notice your connection is down before you do!

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What Services Are Managed?

Unfortunately, managed internet services aren’t all that common in the UK. This is disappointing because of the many advantages it can bring to businesses – particularly smaller businesses with limited resources. However, the good news is that many leased line services in the UK are fully managed, and this is considered to be one of the greatest benefits of opting for a leased line for your business. A leased line service is often managed because these services come with built-in service level agreements, which means that faults must be fixed within a certain period of time. Providers, therefore, continually monitor the service so that they can ensure they can get to work on correcting faults as soon as they occur.

What are the Advantages of Managed Internet?

There are a number of benefits of opting for a managed internet service such as a leased line, including:

● Almost instant correspondence from your provider should a fault appear
● Fast, efficient, and effective fixes to comply with service level agreements
● Option for anti-virus, anti-spam, and web filtering to be built into the service
● Frees up human and financial resources as web administrators not required

At its most basic, what a managed internet service such as a leased line does is take over all the technical aspects of your connection, removing the stresses of maintaining a fully operational IT service for your employees, and leaving you with one less thing to think about. However, the service is all yours, and as the managed internet is usually attached to a leased line, it means you won’t need to share your connection with anyone else. It’s all the advantages of a superfast connection, without any of the hassles!

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