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Leased lines have come down in price over the years in general. But there are a few determining factors when pricing up a leased line. The main factor being the distance you are from your nearest exchange, a leased line is a direct fibre line from the exchange to your building so the further you are the dearer the line becomes. Another factor that determines price is bandwidth, the higher the speed the more you will be spending. Leased lines range from 10mb-10GB. The lower bandwidths you may be looking at the hundreds, where the higher bandwidths could cost you thousands a month. The best way to really give an idea of pricing where you are is to run a comparison or give one of our team a call.
No – we are completely independent and impartial to any single provider. We are aware of the surge of so-called comparison sites that have been popping up in recent years. Most of these are a single provider just comparing tail circuits. We compare up to 15 providers and have exclusive arrangements with most who will also offer up to 30% compared with direct pricing – that’s why we are the number 1 Leased Line Comparison site in the UK.
The average lead time for a leased line is 45 working days (so around 3 months), but some of our providers have been known to install in less than a month. The first stage after order is arranging a site survey – as soon as that is complete most providers should be able to give you an exact timescale.
Nothing at all, running a comparison is completely free for our clients.
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