Understanding the Different BTnet Services


While there are a number of providers of leased lines in the UK, BT continues to have ‘significant market power’ in this area, according to Ofcom, making them a top choice for many businesses. One of the reasons BT dominates the leased line world is that it offers two practical BTnet services that provide businesses of all sizes with a dedicated, uncontended leased line for increased speed and reliability.

Installation Delays a Thing of the Past for Cheap Leased Line

The two BTnet leased line services on offer are BTnet EFM/GEA and BTnet Ethernet Fibre. So what’s the difference between these two BTnet services, and could a BT leased line be a good solution for you?

It’s important to note that in terms of service, there’s actually very little different between BTnet EFM/GEA and BTnet Ethernet Fibre. With both BTnet services, businesses will see the following benefits:

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

Greater than 99.95% service availability

24/7 support with faults fixed with 7 hours

Unlimited usage and no ‘fair usage’ policy

Ultra low latency to prioritise network traffic

So how do these two BTnet leased line services differ? It’s almost all to do with bandwidth. BTnet EFM/GEA provides guaranteed upload and download speeds between 2 Mbps and 35 Mbps. This is either delivered over EFM (ethernet first mile) or GEA (generic ethernet access) depending on the desired speed. BTnet Ethernet fibre delivers speeds between 2 Mbps and 10 Gbps via ethernet fibre.

Which BTnet produce is best? That really depends upon a number of factors, including desired speed, budget, and location. For example, you’ll typically pay less for GEA if you’re located within a GEA-enabled exchange area. It’s a good idea to compare leased line services to find the best for you.

Is a BTnet Leased Line for Me?
BT is a major provider of leased lines to businesses in the UK, and while they do offer two excellent BTnet leased line products, it’s important to remember that different businesses will always have different needs and requirements. One of the primary benefits of leased lines is that it provides your business with more flexibility to get things done your own way, so it’s essential that you have a solution that fits in with your way of working. If BTnet doesn’t seem like a good choice for you, there are now many other providers offering leased lines, including Virgin Media, Daisy, Colt, Arrow, and Luminet.

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