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If you are looking to review your internet connectivity, your Wide Area Network or a Point to Point Connection... you have come to the right place. Just simply fill in your details online and we will get you the best deal based on your requirements.

The services we can compare are explained below:

1EFM: 'Ethernet First Mile', a copper based uncontended internet service that falls somewhere in between FTTC (your everyday contended fibre that you can get to your home) and a Fibre Leased Line.

Prices are often around £200pcm and bandwidth ranges between 2Mb-24Mb based on location. Be warned though, this service degrades over distance from the exchange.
2Fibre Leased Line: A Uncontended fibre circuit that ranges between 10Mb-10Gb. These start at around £295pcm based on your location and does not degrade over distance.
3WAN: MPLS or VPLS, you can use a range of mediums (FTTC, EFM, Fibre Leased Line) to connect 2 or more sites and create a secure, private network environment between sites.
4Voice: SIP or Hosted Telephony, Most providers will give you the option of running voice down your connection. Please call us to discuss these options in more detail.
5Online Backup: Once you have a lease line in place, why not use one of the hundreds of data centres across the UK to backup you information to? Most providers will be able to give you a secure connection to one of their 'on net' data centres!

What is a Leased Line?

If you are looking for a business internet connection that is Fast, Dependable and Consistent- then a lease line, or internet leased lines, could be for you.

To see if you need a dedicated line or internet leased lines, ask yourself the following:

Is uploading critical to my business?

  • Do I need more bandwidth?
  • Would losing internet connectivity for an hour, a day or a week have a negative impact on my business?
  • Does having an inconsistent internet speed significantly decrease business efficiency?

If you have answered YES to any of the questions above then you need an internet leased line.

Internet leased lines provide an uncontended, symmetrical internet service over carrier Ethernet. This means you will receive your chosen upload and download speed 24/7 which can be from 10Mbps all the way upto 10Gbps. That’s right… 100Mb leased line would give you 100Mbps up and 100Mbps down at the same time 24-7!

Internet leased lines also come with a guaranteed fix time plus a SLA (service level agreement) whereby if your provider doesn’t meet the uptime guarantee then you will start getting money back in the form of credits. All of the internet service providers (ISP’s) associated with Leased line comparison have a minimum of a 99.9% SLA and a 6 hour fix time.

Providers we compare include BT, Virgin, Colt, Talk Talk, Exponential-e, Daisy, Fluidata, Fusion, Claranet, Spitfire, Metronet, Tempura, Venus, kc internet, Zen and this is ever-growing. Just simply run the comparison with us, choose the best provider for your business needs and then you deal with them directly.

Fill in the form above to simplify your search for an Internet leased line and save time and money fast. If you have any questions or just generally need some advice, feel free to give us a call. Alternatively you can fill out the form and we’ll call you back within the hour.

What is EFM? -Copper Leased Lines

An EFM Circuit or Ethernet First Mile is an uncontended Business Internet, similar to a BT leased line but the service is provided as Ethernet over Copper rather than Ethernet over Fibre. Generally speaking, EFM leased lines will provide bandwidth up to 10Mb. This makes an EFM connection / EFM line the perfect option for businesses that want a stable business internet, but don’t have high bandwidth needs.

Can i get BT Fibre? – BT FTTC Vs BT Fibre to the Premises (BT Leased lines)

Many businesses are asking themselves the question ‘Can I get BT Fibre?’

To see what is available at your location, enter your postcode into this connectivity checker tool by clicking here.

If this tool tells you that BT FTTC is not available, then that means BT hasn’t rolled out Infinity to your postcode. However, all is not lost… you’ll be pleased to know that anyone can get BT fibre in the form of BT fibre to the premises – so that means if you can’t wait for BT FTTC to go live in your area then contact us to run a comparison to find out the BT leased line cost at your postcode.

What is Metro Ethernet?

A Metro Ethernet Service is a flexible IP based network that uses established Carrier Ethernet transport technology to connect subscribers and businesses in a metropolitan area to a wide area network (WAN) to transport data, access the Internet, or both. Metro Ethernet services can be used to interconnect multiple office locations within the metropolitan area.

Metro Ethernet is not available in the UK, however Fibre to the premises, or leased lines are available. As leased line services have become extremely cost effective, they are very similar to Metro Ethernet. Fill out the form above here to see how much leased line prices have dropped in your location.

 For more information, please visit:

Reasons to run a leased line price comparison with us today:

  • Business Internet / Internet access is critical to your organisation
  • You want stability on your secure VPN / dedicated VPN
  • The Bandwidth on your SDSL broadband is too low
  • You are looking at BT business VoIP or a hosted telephony system that requires stable bandwidthInternet Leased lines
  • Leased line prices were too high when you checked 3+ years ago (there has been roughly a 50% reduction in price since 2011!
  • You are looking for a cheap leased line or generally want to discover current leased line pricing by comparing leased line providers
  • You want to compare a range of leased line bandwidth options to fit in your budget such as 10Mb Leased Line, 100Mb Leased Line, 1Gb Leased Line cost
  • You need a consistent connection to your colocation facility or server rental location
  • BT fibre speed is too low or inconsistent so you want to move from FTTC to Fibre to the premises / fibre Ethernet
  • You are looking to move to a managed internet service and want to compare IT managed service providers
  • BT business complaints or your current provider’s customer service team haven’t sorted an ongoing issue and you want to compare other providers service levels
  • You want to compare the difference between broadband and Ethernet quality of service
  • Copper broadband is not sufficient and you want to look at a fibre connection


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