Questions to Ask Before Signing a New Business Broadband Contract

Making the switch from business broadband to a dedicated leased line can be a big step, so how do you know when it’s time to make the change? Here’s 4 tell tale signs that a standard business broadband connection just isn’t ticking all the boxes any longer, suggesting you may need a leased line instead:

1. Communication Concerns

While many businesses can successfully operate with a good business broadband service, others are finding that these packages tend to lack one very important aspect: a fast upload speed. Until fairly recently, upload speeds haven’t been that much of a focus, but with a growing trend for digital communications via VoIP, upload is now equally important as download. The advantage of leased lines is that they offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, aiding internal and external communications.

2. Staff Frustration

If you’re noticing that your staff are frequently feeling frustrated in the workplace, then it could be your business broadband that’s to blame. With plenty of regular tasks and duties being web-based, an unsuitable business broadband package can have a very significant and detrimental effect across the office. The main concern, of course, is bandwidth sharing, and many services become slower during peak working hours. The solution could be a dedicated leased line that’s exclusive to your own business.

3. Free Time

Free time in the office is never a good sign and could indicate that high latency and slow loading speeds are putting a limit on how productive your staff are able to be. In a fast-paced environment, we need our business broadband to keep up, and an increasing number of businesses are starting to find that their services are trailing behind. For businesses that rely on fast actions and instantaneous communications, it’s essential to have low latency for a quick response, and that’s where leased lines come into play.

4. Downtime

It’s worth asking your IT department or administrative team to keep a log of any downtime stemming from your internet service provider. If you notice that downtime is becoming increasingly regular, or that it directly interferes with day-to-day business operations, then it may be time to move to a package that offers a better service level agreement (SLA). Leased line SLAs usually stipulate that services must be available 99% of the time, with fixes delivered within a specific timescale (often around 2-4 hours).

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