What is the Difference Between Full Fibre and a Leased Line?

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If you’re looking for a super fast internet service for your business, then there’s really only two options that are going to satisfy your need for speed: fibre to the premises (FTTP) and a leased line. Although these are two very separate and distinct services, there’s actually a lot of similarities between the two, and quite a bit of overlap, too, so how do you know which is the right option for your business?


In terms of potential speed, there’s really no difference between these two services, with typical speeds ranging from around 20Mbps right up to 100Mbps (or even more!). There’s also the fact that both services will involve the need for some level of work, as, unlike an internet service which is provided across a phone line, like fibre to the cabinet, both leased lines and fibre to the premises (as the name suggests) are delivered directly to the business. This can make them a little more costly initially, although monthly fees are significantly dropping as there continues to be more demand for these services.

The Differences

So what is it that makes these two services so different? Really, what it all comes down to is contention, and actually received speeds. When you arrange for FTTP, the rate you pay will be for a guaranteed connection speed, not a guaranteed received speed. With FTTP, there will always, at some point along the cable, be other premises that are sharing that bandwidth, so while FTTP is often very good in terms of speeds, it’s not always that reliable. With a 20Mbps service, you won’t receive this all of the time.

Leased lines are different; they are dedicated to your business and your business alone, which means that the speed you pay for is the speed you’ll receive. Leased lines tend to be a little more reliable, and are considered to be the next generation of business internet, perfect for those with greater needs.

Which is Better?

Technically speaking, leased lines are better, but that’s not to say that FTTP doesn’t deserve its place in the business internet rankings. What FTTP does is essentially bridge the gap between standard consumer-grade services and comprehensive business-grade connections, and it works well for companies who want fast internet but don’t require the full guarantees that come with a leased line.

For those who do require a little more, leased line products feature good service level agreements (SLAs), which provide peace of mind that your internet service provider will do what it takes to ensure your service continues to be fast and reliable, minimising downtime and reducing disruptions.

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