New Technologies Possible with Leased Lines

If you take a look at the benefits of a leased line, you’ll see that there’s a definite focus on speed; on that guaranteed bandwidth, on the symmetry, on the low latency, and so on. And quite right! Leased line speeds are extraordinary, and the benefits they bring to growing businesses really are second to none. However, one of the biggest benefits of a leased line that’s often overlooked is that a leased line opens up doors to utilising all sorts of revolutionary technologies that really are great for modern businesses.

With a faster upload and download speeds, and a more reliable connection, here are just some of the technologies you could incorporate into your daily operations with the use of a dedicated leased line:

Cloud Computing: Off-site data storage that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

Big Data: Gathering an increasing amount of data for use in more detailed analyses.

Security: From multi-layer authentication to SSL, a reliable service can improve security.

Real-Time Communications: Embedded communications are a major trend right now.

voIP: Voice over IP helps to improve both internal and external communications.

Connected Devices: Low latency is ideal when needing real-time updates of a connected device.

Wearables: A hot trend, wearables are now reaching employees for real-time data analysis.

Not only do we have these technologies to consider, but also a range of emerging technologies that are cited to change the face of the business world in the coming years, with AI being hyped to be the new UI. This is where future proofing comes into play; ensuring your business is ready for new opportunities.

Technology Trends

Of course, technology trends come and go; they take their natural course. However, a leased line is different. Rather than being a product that performs a single duty or operation, it’s more of a ‘primer’; it sets the groundwork and makes it possible for other technologies to be fully utilised. Leased lines will not die out anytime soon, which makes leased lines one of the best areas for technology investment today. A report by The Telegraph even cites digital infrastructure as the top area of investment for SMEs.

Installing a Leased Line

Leased line prices are continuing to fall, while installation times are speeding up, which makes them a great option for many growing businesses in the UK. Find your perfect leased line deal by comparing internet service providers at Leased Line Comparison; a leading comparison site for businesses costs.

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