How Does Bandwidth Affect Leased Line Costs?

Leased line costs in the UK typically have a bit of a bad reputation. However, leased line costs is an issue that isn’t quite as black and white as the media want us to believe. There’s a definite grey area regarding leased line costs that’s often overlooked, and it’s this grey area that demonstrates that a dedicated, uncontended, low latency connection doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, many businesses will find that leased lines are actually very cost effective when taking into account the many benefits that they bring.

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One of the primary aspects affecting leased line costs in the UK is bandwidth. Of course, in general terms, the greater bandwidth you require, the more you’ll pay, but once again it isn’t quite as clear cut as that. Many leased line providers are now offering more flexible bandwidth options that allow businesses to more accurately tailor the service for their own personal needs and requirements, and, perhaps more importantly, to their own personal budgets. Here’s how leased lines are becoming more flexible:

Option 1 – Bandwidth that grows with your company

Many providers of leased lines in the UK now offer businesses the opportunity to change their leased line service – and leased line costs – as their business grows and develops and as their needs evolve. For example, businesses can opt for a 100Mbit leased line, but lower bandwidth – say 30Mbit to begin with. This means that businesses will be paying lower leased line costs, because they’ll only pay for the bandwidth they receive, but by opting for a 100Mbit bearer, there is the option to increase bandwidth up to this speed as the business grows further. It’s a great way to keep leased line costs down.

Option 2 – Bandwidth with no restrictions

The second option for businesses is to choose to have no restrictions on their leased line, which means that they’ll receive the full bandwidth available through the bearer. The advantage of this option is that there are no limitations, which makes it ideal for larger, established businesses with greater needs. Many leased line providers offer this at a fixed annual cost, which means your business won’t be penalised for making the most from the connection. Many larger businesses may find that their leased line costs are lower when selecting this option than when paying on a monthly ‘PAYG’ basis.

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As we can see, as leased line services are becoming more flexible, so are leased line costs. Compare leased line costs online to find a solution that works for your business, and your budget.

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