What is an IPLC?

IPLC — and IEPL — are both terms that we’re starting to hear more about, but what exactly do they mean? IPLC stands for ‘International Private Leased Circuit’, and IEPL stands for ‘International Ethernet Private Line’, and they’re both designed to help global businesses maintain their reputation and high levels of customer service by ensuring a fast and reliable connection between offices, regardless of the distance between them. It’s similar to an office network, but obviously on a much larger scale.

So why are IPLCs and IEPLs so important? Well, they’re important for two reasons. Firstly, as we touched upon above, more and more businesses are becoming global, especially as cross border shopping has rapidly risen in popularity and brands are making more efforts to localise their marketing campaigns. This means that there’s more demand than ever before for a reliable connection between international offices. But there’s much more to it. The second reason why they’re so essential is because they’re emphasising the importance of private connections, like leased lines, and solidifying their value.


Leased Lines

Leased line uptake in the UK has been pretty significant in recent years, but there are undoubtedly still a number of businesses questioning whether the installation of a leased line would be the right move, or whether it is simply a fleeting technology. The popularity of IPLCs and IEPLs demonstrates that the need for dedicated connections isn’t slowing down, and is showing no signs of dying out any time soon. The reason, of course, is that more and more of us are realising the advantages of private connections, like:

● An uncontended service, which means the connection isn’t shared with anyone else
● Faster upload and download speeds that won’t fluctuate during peak hours
● A reliable, ‘always on’ service with excellent SLAs and target uptime

IPLCs are excellent options for global businesses or UK companies thinking about expanding into international markets, but even those who wish to remain local can still benefit from the advantages of these private connections through the use of leased lines in the UK. A UK leased line provides everything you need to improve your internal and external communications and boost your customer service through a faster, more reliable internet connection facilitating a great online presence. Compare leased line prices here at Leased Line Comparison to find a deal to suit you, whatever your budget!

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