How Many Companies Use Leased Lines?

Although business broadband still dominates the commercial sector in terms of internet connections, leased lines are becoming increasingly popular. This is especially true as more and more businesses struggle to find business broadband services that meet their needs. A recent report from EEF: The Manufacturer’s Organisation claims that 62 percent of UK companies are planning to allocate a greater percentage of their budget to internet-connected equipment in the near future, including ‘smart’ technologies, which means that many are now not only looking for services that will meet their current needs, but services that will also meet their future needs – and this, it seems, is proving difficult.

As businesses are finding that many business broadband speeds and usage limits won’t meet their growing needs, some are opting to upgrade to leased lines. In fact, it’s now believed that one-third of the manufacturing industry has made the switch to leased lines, with other sectors quickly following their lead. It is estimated that, within just a few years, leased lines will be challenging business broadband as the most prominent type of connection amongst UK businesses, thanks to its many advantages.


So just why are one-third of manufacturing companies now opting for leased lines?

● The cost of leased lines is dropping, and they are becoming a much more cost-effective option for many businesses, particularly those who compare leased lines to find affordable rates.

● 91% of businesses who took part in the EEF study claimed that a connection was as essential as water! The Internet has become an unofficial public utility, highlighting the need for reliability.

● It is suggested that many businesses are paying above the odds for broadband, despite not receiving a service that meets their needs. Leased lines offer more flexibility and reliability.

● More than half of those questioned in the EEF study claimed that business broadband is unlikely to meet their future needs, which has spurred them to identify alternative solutions.

‘Manufacturers have had to invest significantly in leased lines’, says EEF Chief Economist Lee Hopley, citing the country’s poor digital infrastructure as a primary reason for the switch from broadband to leased lines. While leased lines are still very much the lesser chosen option at this point, it is anticipated that these dedicated, 1:1 connections will soon become a ‘must have’ for any growing business. For more information on leased lines, including costs and advantages, visit the content on our site.

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