Leased Lines are Sticking Around

Since the widespread introduction of leased lines, many people have come forward to question the longevity of the product, and suggest reasons why leased lines might be overtaken by alternative technologies in the future. There’s been a lot of other technologies mentioned, so we thought we’d do a quick run down, looking at the advantages leased lines have, and why they’ll stand the test of time.


● Metro Ethernet… by all accounts a good alternative, if you don’t care about latency that is. According to reports, the average ping time router to router via metro ethernet is 30 milliseconds, but it’s just 16 ms via a leased line. Low latency is becoming more and more essential, especially for businesses in the security, medical, and trading sectors.

● FTTC… now a very common product, but mostly suited to domestic customers. While FTTC is undoubtedly a step up from ADSL, it lacks one of the most powerful characteristics of a leased line: symmetry, giving you symmetrical upload and download speeds. The idea that speed is all about download speed is a very outdated concept, especially since the launch of voIP.

● Satellite Broadband… Great if you want to Facebook a selfie on top of Everest, but that latency is the thing nightmares are made of. When satellite broadband first became mainstream, it was hailed as the next big thing, but now that the dust has settled even the experts are recommending that you don’t opt for this product unless you really have no other alternative.

Leased Lines: Top of the Leaderboard

As we can see from above, there’s really nothing — at least nothing yet — that can offer a similar service to leased lines. While it is true that there are other products that may adequately meet the needs and requirements of a particular business, these products will not offer the same service. Simple as that!

Why, if leased lines are top-of-the-range, are people still looking for alternatives? It appears that cost is still a huge factor, although the idea that leased lines are costly isn’t an idea that’s particularly relevant any more. It’s reported that leased lines dropped in price by 43 percent in 2003; that’s a bigger drop than in mobile, fixed voice, and digital subscriber lines. Leased lines can be a very cost effective option today, and they’re an option that’s well worth looking into. You can find a great deal at Leased Line Comparison.

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