Leased Lines: Debunking the Myths

Although leased lines are now a very accessible option for UK businesses, there still seems to be a great deal of mystery surrounding the whole thing. You may hear different ‘facts’ about leased lines from different people or organisations, which is why we think it’s important to weed out the truth from the fiction. Here’s some factual information to help you make the best decision for your business:

Myth: Leased lines are only for big businesses
Truth: Actually, you may be surprised to hear that SMEs are also jumping on the leased line bandwagon. Of course, larger businesses are more likely to install a leased line, but Ofcom reports that around one third of medium sized businesses (those with between 521 and 250 employees) now have leased lines.


Myth: Certain industries don’t need leased lines
Truth: Until fairly recently, this was quite true; there were a few select industries that simply didn’t have the need, such as manufacturing. However, all that is changing, and the manufacturing sector has actually been one of the most outspoken when it comes to demanding affordable leased line access.

Myth: BT is the only supplier of leased lines in the UK
Truth: BT has undoubtedly been the most prominent supplier of leased lines in the UK. In 2004, around 65 percent of leased line customers chose to use BT, according to Ofcom. However, many more suppliers are now offering leased lines. You can compare leased line suppliers at Leased Line Comparison.

Myth: Leased line contracts tie you down
Truth: According to Ofcom, the average leased line contract is under 2 years, which makes it not much different from broadband contracts. However, many businesses report renewing their leased line contract for around 7 years in total, suggesting their getting a great service that they wish to continue.

Myth: Leased lines are just about speed
Truth: Figures suggest that more than half of all leased line users actually opt for what is categorised as a ‘low bandwidth leased line’. Leased lines aren’t just about speed. In fact, many businesses place less importance on speed, and more importance on a dedicated connection and ultra low latency.

Myth: Leased lines are costly
Truth: Believe it or not, around 15 percent of businesses questioned by Ofcom cited greater cost efficiency as the number one reason for them choosing a leased line. Leased line costs have reduced drastically in the past few years, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious companies.

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