Think You Don’t Need a UK Leased Line? Think Again!

At a time when there is an ever-growing focus on technology and digital communications, businesses are being urged to consider how their needs may evolve in the future as a result of these digital changes. It is advised, for example, that businesses think about their anticipated future needs for speed and reliability when selecting a business internet service, with many now opting to meet these needs through a UK leased line. But what happens if you aren’t expecting your company to grow significantly in the future?

It’s not as unusual a situation as it may seem. In fact, Government statistics from last year show that around one quarter of businesses were not anticipating notable growth. Could companies that are planning to retain – or even minimise – their needs still benefit from a UK leased line? Absolutely!


Flexibility with a UK Leased Line

A UK leased line offers many advantages over standard business broadband, but perhaps one of the most prominent benefits is flexibility. By selecting a bearer capable of carrying more data than is required, businesses have the option to increase – or decrease – their internet speeds as necessary. So, at a time when it’s all speed, speed, speed, when may a business need to reduce their need for speed?

Despite a more secure and robust economy, downsizing at this time perhaps isn’t as uncommon as you may think. In fact, just last year major bank HSBC announced plans to significantly downsize and restructure their organisation on a global scale in an effort to boost efficiency and minimise outgoings. Fewer users means that businesses may be able to achieve similar performance through slower speeds.

Flexible Working
Similarly, with the widespread rollout of flexible working – all employees now have the legal right to request a flexible working plan – many businesses are finding that there are fewer employees in the office at a single time. This could be due to flexible hours, working from home, or working from a coworking office, for example. Again, adequate performance could be achieved through slower speeds.

For businesses with multiple offices performing regular cross-site backup of essential data, the popularity of cloud computing may reduce the need for speed by no longer requiring a fast site-to-site connection. With a UK leased line, businesses that have previously been utilising high speeds for cross-site backup can quickly and easily opt to reduce their speed, and save money on their bills, too.

So why couldn’t a business who plans to reduce their needs in the future simply select a cheaper business broadband package? They can. But a UK leased line isn’t about speed alone. By opting for a UK leased line and amending the speed as your needs change, you’ll still be getting all the other advantages of a UK leased line, such as high reliability, excellent service level agreements, and ultra low latency.

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