Leased Line Costs vs Down Time Costs

Leased Line costs can often seem expensive when comparing to a standard ADSL or broadband line. However in reality they are not a like for like product so when comparing Leased Line costs you should factor in how much downtime is currently costing your business if you are running on an old ADSL/broadband connection.

We know downtime is a real bug bear in the workplace it is something that is mentioned by the majority of our clients. But until recently it has always just been accepted and never explored into the impact that has on business revenue. You may be surprised to hear that a staggering £16Bn is lost every year by businesses in the UK because of internet downtime. That’s an average of over £90k per business! Eclipse have a great way for you to work out your costs.

Leased Line Costs vs Down Time Costs

Leased Line Costs have dramatically fallen over the last 5 years and are now lower than ever starting at just £295 per month, depending on location and bandwidth required. Even if you are a lucky business with a good broadband connection that experiences half the downtime average that would still cost around £45k a year, and broken down would be £3750 per month. So as you can see leased line costs can not only help you generate more revenue but are also a cheaper option than your standard broadband or ADSL. Another thing we found is it really helps staff morale as they can be more productive and not get distracted when waiting for the internet to load.

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