Ethernet Leased Line Faults: What to Expect

An ethernet leased line is a great way to improve communications and productivity within the workplace, but as with any sort of technology, an ethernet leased line is not fault-proof. Faults on the line can happen. In fact, around 65 percent of connected businesses have, at some point, reported a fault on their ethernet leased line that has needed to be fixed by the provider. But leased lines are essential for many businesses, with around 95 percent claiming that day-to-day operations would be directly affected as a result of downtime. So what can you expect should something go wrong?

The good news is that, unlike business broadband packages, an ethernet leased line contract will often come with an excellent service level agreement which provides guidelines on how quickly a fault should be repaired. In some cases, this may be rather vague, with some providers opting to say that faults must be fixed within a ‘reasonable’ timeframe. However, Ofcom reports that ‘reasonable’, in this instance, means ‘a matter of hours’. You should never be left without a connection for too long.

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63 percent of businesses with ethernet leased lines expect that a fault should be fixed within 4 hours, which is pretty standard in the UK. A smaller percentage – around 25 percent – believe that a fault should be fixed within 1 to 2 hours, which can often happen, especially as Ofcom reports that more than half of ethernet leased line faults are fixed remotely, without the need for an on-site visit to the premises.

Ofcom states that ‘‘Reliability’ was the most important feature when selecting a communications provider for Ethernet leased lines’, and reliability is what you get with an ethernet leased line. These connections are much more robust that business broadband, which can go a long way towards ensuring that day-to-day operations and communications are not interrupted.

Fortunately, faults on an ethernet leased line are very uncommon. 96 percent of businesses with leased lines claim that they have confidence in the reliability of their connection, and that faults are rare. However, it’s still a good idea to be prepared, and to look for an ethernet leased line with an excellent service level agreement, so you can be sure faults are fixed quickly. At Leased Line Comparison, comparing aspects such as speed, service level agreement, and cost is quick and simple!

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