Whats the benefit of using VOIP?

Loads of our customers now use VOIP, however some still don’t quite trust or understand it fully so we though we would help out with our blog.

So firstly what is VOIP? VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol and is a a great alternative to the standard phone lines if you have a reliable internet connection like a leased line.

What's the benefit of using VOIP?

The main benefits are :

1. Much lower Cost – As you don’t pay for line rental and call charges tend to be lower you can cut out all the costs associated with the traditional phone system. Most companies that go for VOIP have price as one of their main drivers.

2. Integration options – The more savvy business owners see the importance of keeping everything as synchronized and efficient, especially with the sales team. VOIP is super easy to integrate to all decent CRM systems meaning quick calling and good reporting.

3. Phone Portability – The old legacy phone service can be a nightmare to move if you re locate or even move desks as well as costing a fair bit. A huge advantage of voice is you can take it anywhere with your laptop and a headset – great for any one working on the road.The best part is your number would stay the same weather your in Dundee or Devon!

4. Scalability – If your business is growing and you need more phone users you simply buy more licenses and headsets and you are good to go – no hassle with installs or PBX systems.

There are a number of other benefits that VOIP will give but the ones we have mentioned are the  main ones our clients look for when upgrading their phone systems.

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