Cheap leased lines – why not to go direct.

Cheap Leased Lines – Why not to go direct?

If you like thousands of other IT managers and business owners are in the market for a cheap leased lines it can be a tough choice what provider to go with. As with many things in life some suppliers will tell you anything to get the sale (and we have heard some horror stories!) but if you only speak to your current or just one provider there is a high possibility they will be charging too much or you could get a better service for the same price.


Everybody wants cheap leased lines but no body wants to compromise the service. This is where we can help – our aim is to save you money whilst still putting you in contact with a well established, financially secure and reliable internet service provider. Cheap leased lines should not mean you have to lower your expectations on the service – all of our partners offer a 99.9% + Service level agreement with guaranteed fix times and 24/7 first line support complete with pro active network monitoring.

If you are currently on an ADSL or standard broadband solution then even cheap leased lines can seem pricey. You can still contact us to look at other options for you – EFM’s or VDSL might give you a better service and would not cost as much as a leased line.

Going back to the subject of this blog – Cheap Leased Lines – Why not to go direct? It s only right that we summarize why you should not go direct when buying a fibre leased line :

  • Highly likely that the Quote will not be as competitive as it could be, especially if they know you are not getting quotes elsewhere.
  • If you do speak to multiple providers it will take a lot more time running through the information every time you call
  • You will be getting biased opinions from anyone who works for the provider

So if you want the best cheap leased lines then get a quote from us today and see how much you can save!

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