The benefit of getting a Leased Line Service

Getting a Leased Line service can seem like a big jump up from your standard ADSL or broadband, especially when it comes to price. I often speak to IT managers and business owners who don’t fully understand the benefits of a leased line service and the impact it can have on your business.  To help we thought we would list a few of the main ones for you.

lThe benefit of getting a Leased Line Service

Leased line service Benefits

1. The SLA ( service level agreement) – This means that your uncontended leased line service will work for that percentage of time guaranteed! No down time at all! The higher the service level agreement can give you an indication of how good a leased line service you will receive. 99.99% is the best you can get although some providers will say its 100% this is a fabrication they can aim for 100% naturally but cannot guarantee it.

2. Its uncontended – This is a huge benefit for many businesses but especially any that have to upload as it means that you get what you pay for in upload and download speeds. The alternative is getting an uncontended service, granted it is much cheaper but you do compromise on the service itself compared with a leased line service, often this will mean you incur downtime.

3. The pro-active monitoring – All reputable ISP’s that provide leased line services will pro actively monitor the network ensuring that most problems are fixed before they even occur, giving you a better peace of mind and more reliable internet connection.

4. Scalability – Another key benefit for many growing businesses is that you can upgrade the bandwidth amount =, eg if you take a 10Mb leased line service over 100Mb line then you can take it up if needed. With the amount of extra bandwidth we are using in day to day life it is also going to be growing on a business level and alot of businesses will not be able to operate on standard broadband.

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