Can I get BT fibre? What is BT fibre speed?

Can I get BT fibre? What is BT fibre speed? When can I get BT fibre to the premises? These are just a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis and although we understand BT are the largest internet service provider in the UK and definitely have the biggest brand, we also know they are the UK’s most complained about ISP, according to OFCOM. So BT fibre may not be the best option for everyone.If you would like to see if BT fibre is available for your business you can check on their website by following this link- 

Another great tool we always take advantage of to check what fibre is available is on the Sam knows website. We find it really easy to use and results are always accurate.  You can check here for free independent results on what broadband is available in your area.

In regards to fibre speeds vary depending on your businesses location and what service you decide to run on ( Take a look at our other posts if you are unsure what service would be best for you).

Can I get BT fibre? What is BT fibre speed?

We run free comparison for not just BT fibre but 14 other carriers so if you do want to know what fibre speed you can get at your location get in touch with us today! So the question on your mind should not be Can I get BT fibre , but rather can I get the best deal on fibre? Rather than asking what’s BT fibre speed? Ask what fibre speed can I get?

We are here to help with any questions you may have about your business connectivity as well as providing advice we can get you free no obligation quotes for your business internet. Find us on social media :





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