Business Internet – Why is it so vital?

Business internet is one of the most important tools for any business to be successful.

In recent years we have seen the use of the internet become part of our daily lives at home and at work. With many companies now also using cloud technology (CRM systems etc) and VOIP without a good business internet there would be no business.

One of the problems we often hear people have with their business internet is “downtime”. Many of you will already know leased lines eliminate that but the difference in price is often seen as too much in comparison to the tradition business internet solutions (ADSL), however when you work out how much downtime costs your business a leased line will soon seem cheap in comparison!

Business Internet – Why is it so vital?

In a recent study it showed that the average business will loose a massive £90k a year because of internet down time, more if you use VOIP or get the majority of your leads through the internet.

The other point to consider is that each year with new technology, increased use of social media, higher definition content and mobile internet everything is becoming much more data heavy.

So if your business internet is running on ADSL and you think you can cope with the downtime you currently experience the question you should be asking is how will it impact your revenue in the next 5 years if you experience double or tipple the amount of downtime?

The best part is for uncontended business internet fibre leased line costs are lower than they have ever been with more places in the UK with full fibre availability. So don’t be contend with an inferior buisness internet – talk to us today to see how much money we can save you.

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