Metro Ethernet – What is it?

Metro Ethernet – What is it?

Metro Ethernet is the use of carrier Ethernet technology in metropolitan area networks (MANs). Because it is typically a collective venture with a number of financial contributors, it can offer more cost-effectiveness,reliable and scalable bandwidth management that other networks.

Metro Ethernet – What is it?

Metro Ethernet can connect business local area networks (LANs) and individual end users to a wide area network (WAN) or to the internet. Businesses, academic institutions and government agencies in large cities can use Metro Ethernet to connect branch campuses or offices to an intranet. A typical Metro Ethernet system has a star network or mesh network topology.Individual routers or servers that connect through cable or fibre optic media.

“Pure” Ethernet technology in the MAN environment is relatively inexpensive compared with Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) or Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) systems . However, the latter technologies can be applied to Metro Ethernet in urban areas willing to devote the necessary financial resources to the task.

Metro Ethernet is not something that is currently available in the UK, although may well be in the future. However a great alternative in the UK would be a managed point to point.So feel free to get in contact today for your free quote!

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