How you can get dedicated internet access

Dedicated Internet Access.

Dedicated internet access is vital for many businesses, not just in the UK but across the whole world. We often hear clients who have been caused major disruption because of sharing their internet connection. So its understandable that so many businesses are making the leap from standard business broadband to get their very own dedicated internet access.

The main thing people want to know about having your own dedicated internet access is what the difference would be so we hope this blog helps you! Dedicated internet access means exactly that weather to you that means a fibre leased line, VOX or EFM is entirely your choice. Whatever one you pick will give you the results you want – a dedicated internet access connection for your business. The most obvious difference you will notice is how much quicker it is than your standard internet broadband. Reason for this is how many other users you are sharing with. So with standard business broadband you usually share with 50+ other businesses, as you can imagine this can cause huge fluctuations in your bandwidth (See this blog for more information on downtime costs). Whereas if you had dedicated internet access you would not need to share with anyone, faster internet = faster sales team = more revenue.

How you can get dedicated internet access

To have your own dedicated internet access naturally will cost more than your bog standard business broadband but near enough all of the most successful companies would not consider any other option. You can get an idea of costs by giving us a call or requesting a call back.Generally speaking the minimum you would pay for dedicated internet access is £300pcm upwards and it all depends on your location and bandwidth requirements. The main options people look to for a dedicated connection is EFM or  a fibre leased line although some areas would only be able to use wireless. The only reason leased lines are so popular is the speed. This is due to the fact the whole line is fibre optic cable which unlike copper won’t degrade over distance.

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