Cheap Leased Lines – Myths V Facts

Cheap Leased Lines are a hot topic for many IT managers this year but we often hear myths about getting cheap leased lines that we wanted to address.

Most of us are now aware of the benefits of a fibre leased line, however as the market increases we hear more myths everyday regarding what cheap leased lines could mean. So remaining completely impartial we have decided to do what we do best and compare cheap leased lines against more expensive leased lines so you can see the difference. Hopefully this will then answer some of the myths we keep hearing about cheap leased lines.

Cheap Leased Lines – Myths V Facts

Myth 1. Cheap Leased Lines are all copper based. 

False – Although we are aware of some of our competitors selling copper leased lines, which naturally are much lower in cost, in this blog we are focusing only on cheap leased lines running on fibre.

Myth 2. Cheap Leased Lines don’t come with any guarantees. 

False – Cheap Leased Lines should still come with a Service Level Agreement – our providers have a minimum of 99.9%. This means that the service is guaranteed to be providing what its contracted to for that percentage of time or you will start receiving money off your next bill. If a provider is quoting you for cheap leased lines and they don’t provide any SLA or target fix times – our suggestion would be to really do your homework on them.

Myth 3. Cheap Leased Lines come with bad customer service

False –  Some of our partners who provide cheap leased lines have 24/7 pro active monitoring and support with phones being answered in as little as 6 seconds.

So yes while there are certainly some providers out there that will sell a cheap leased line and not give a good service its not a majority and many cheap leased lines will be because the provider has a presence in or around your location. For example BT may be cheap in London but not in Birmingham for the same connection. We research all our partners in detail to ensure they have a great product and good customer services and we would advise anyone to do the same – or just run a comparison through us!

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