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Our whole business is predominantly leased line quotes so imagine our shock when a client came to us with a “leased line quote” £200 per month cheaper that the best we could get them. Where we compare nearly all of the main fibre service providers in the UK its rare for us to get beaten but by that margin per month really did surprise us.

At first the client was insistent this was a like for like leased line quote as he had gone onto another of our competitors websites that offer a comparison for a leased line quote. We wanted to get to the bottom of this supposed leased line quote so we got our investigator hats on. Our client was happy to send us the quote and we noticed a discrepancy straight away – not only was this for a wires only service, which naturally reduces the price of any leased line quote, but it was also a copper leased line! Copper! That explains a lot, as we all know copper is cheaper than fibre but it also degrades over distance and is much slower than a fibre leased line.

Need a leased line quote? Talk to us today

However what worried us the most about our so called competitors is that they may well be selling people EFM’s in disguise as a leased line which although is great for some businesses is not as reliable as a fibre leased line. We are proud of what we do here, we don’t cut corners, we simply offer a free service to save businesses money on their internet costs. So if you want a leased line quote pick a comparison service you can trust – one who is not a provider or attached to a provider and who will quote you on what you need. Pick Leased Line Comparison!

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