Why Compare Leased Lines?


We’re a nation that’s almost obsessed with getting a good deal – there’s no doubt about that. More and more of us are checking out price comparison websites before we commit to a purchase, but it’s fair to say that comparison is far more important in some cases than it is in others. In fact, for some purchases, comparing different providers is pretty much essential. In the case of leased lines, it’s even vital!


Think about buying a new pair of shoes, a new cologne, or even a new microwave, for example. In these cases, we already know which product we want, we know what each product does, and we know what we can expect. We’ll get the exact same product whether we buy from a supermarket, a local shop, or a specialist store – the only difference is the price. So we compare. We compare prices to ensure we’re getting the best deal available, helping us to save money and making sure we’re not paying above the odds.


When you compare leased lines, however, things aren’t quite as linear. While we may know that we want a 10mb leased line, or a 100mb leased line, the exact product and service we get from different providers will vary – sometimes considerably. Leased line comparison takes this into account. When you compare leased lines, it’s not just about price alone. There are many other factors to think about:



As with other types of comparison, leased line comparison takes into account leased line costs advertised by major providers such as BT and Virgin Media. As leased line costs have a reputation for being costly, it is no surprise that, for many businesses, the price will ultimately be a deciding factor.



One of the main advantages of leased lines is that they tend to have very good service level agreements, which helps to ensure that you receive the most reliable service available. When you compare leased lines, you’ll clearly be able to see the criteria that your provider must meet.


Fix Time

Once again, leased lines are known for being more reliable and resilient than business broadband, and that is partly due to improved fix times. Many providers are required to fix faults on the line within 5 hours, which helps to ensure your ‘always on’ connection is just that – always on!


Installation Time

Some leased line providers have recently come under fire for their lengthy installation times, but when you compare leased lines online you’ll have a much better idea of how long you can expect to wait based on each provider’s terms and conditions. Why delay?


Why compare leased line costs? Because online comparison websites can play a major role in ensuring you and your business have all the information required to make an informed decision and make sure you select a leased line product that will not only meet your needs but exceed them, too!

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