10MB or 100MB Leased Line: What Does My Business Need?

Deciding on whether or not your business requires a leased line is simple. If you find that your business is struggling to operate effectively and efficiently on a day-to-day basis with a standard ADSL connection, then a dedicated leased line is often the most suitable solution.

However, what’s not quite simple is choosing your speed. Many providers offer a 2MB leased line, 100MB leased line, and everything in between, but which is best for your business?

Before agreeing to a speed with your provider, the most important thing you can do is learn more about the differences between bearers and the committed data rate, or CDR. This can help ensure you’re choosing the right product for your circumstances.

10MB or 100MB Leased Line: What Does My Business Need

Quite simply, the bearer is the bandwidth size of the available line, whether that’s a copper line or a fibre-enabled line. If you have a 100MB leased line bearer, for example, that bearer will be able to provide a 100MB leased line connection to the business.

If you have a 10MB leased line bearer, that bearer will be able to provide a maximum 10MB leased line connection, and so on. This is why leased lines are often said to be ‘capped’ – because there are speed limitations dependent upon the bearers.

What is the Committed Data Rate?

The committed data rate on the other hand, or CDR for short, is the connection speed that has been requested by the business. With leased lines, speeds are guaranteed, and symmetrical, which means that if a 100MB leased line is requested, businesses will have 100MB upload and download speeds.

If a 10MB leased line is requested, businesses will have 10MB upload and download speeds. To put it simply, the committed data rate is the speed that your business has agreed to and arranged to pay for.

Why Choose a 100MB Leased Line Bearer?

While selecting a larger bearer can sometimes be more costly, businesses are advised to arrange for a bearer that is capable of delivering faster speeds than are currently required. If a business requires a 10MB leased line, for example, it’s a good idea to opt for a 100MB leased line bearer. Why? Because businesses needs and requirements change constantly, and while a 10MB leased line may make sense now, it’s important to question how quickly your business will outgrow these speeds.

With a larger bearer, it’s quick and easy to upgrade your bandwidth to the limits of the bearer without the need for new time-consuming and costly installations. It really does pay to think about the future. Discover more about leased lines, leased line providers, and leased line costs by completing our form on the right-hand side. Our leased lines specialists will be more than happy to help.

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