UK Leased Lines in the Real World: Who Uses Them?

As a leading leased line comparison website in the UK, we’re committed to ensuring that British businesses of all sizes know how they could benefit from installing a leased line to their premises. We’re focused on raising awareness of the advantages, such as greater reliability and lower latency, and it’s time for us to back up our claims by sharing some real world examples. Here’s how UK leased lines are already being used across the country, and how they’re helping companies to develop further:


Business Parks

Until fairly recently, there have been two primary issues with internet connectivity for businesses based within business parks in the UK. Firstly, contention. A single site inhabited by multiple businesses, all within close proximity to each other and operating within similar opening hours would, as we could expect, wreak havoc when it comes to contention. Secondly, in order for business parks to ensure adequate space for tenants and customers, these parks are often located in more rural areas, and we already know there have been many issues with extending high speed broadband outside of the cities.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that business parks have been pretty quick to install UK leased lines. A UK leased line not only provides faster connections, but also removes any issues related to contention, so that the connection can be shared between the businesses without compromise. The Sycamore Business Park in Ripon, the Valley Court Business Park in Croydon, and the Cardiff Gate International Business Park have all installed UK leased lines within the last few years to improve access for their businesses.


While business parks and hotels are very different, they do share a few of the same problems when it comes to connectivity. The issue, of course, is that what we have is a large population of users within a relatively small area, all trying to share a connection at reasonably similar hours. Again, many of these hotels could be located in rural areas outside the reach of high speed internet. The Bournemouth Hilton recently made headlines when it installed a 100Gbps UK leased line in what the managers said was a solid effort to ‘future-proof’ the business; they were anticipating their future needs ahead of time.

Further Examples

Of course, these aren’t the only real world examples of UK leased lines. In fact, many different industries and sectors are beginning to see how leased lines could benefit them. As well as seeing a huge uptake in UK leased lines within the manufacturing field, we’re also seeing a surge of interest by property development firms, particularly those in more rural areas who want to be able to offer their clients the very best. UK leased lines aren’t just a theory. In fact, they’re much more prominent in the real world than you may think, with many British businesses choosing to upgrade in order to secure a faster, more reliable service that more accurately meets their growing communication and production needs.

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