Unreliable Business Broadband Hurting UK Businesses

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Did you know that around 25 percent of UK businesses are currently trying to conduct day-to-day operations using an unreliable business broadband connection, despite almost 100 percent claiming that reliability is essential? The internet is now a hugely important aspect of business operations for those within almost every sector, and downtime really can prevent a company from reaching its full potential.

Here are just some of the issues that could stem from an unreliable business broadband connection:

– Problems communicating digitally with customers, suppliers, or investors
– An inability to update website or social media platforms with relevant information
– Delayed productivity on web-dependent tasks, pushing back strict deadlines
– Greater security vulnerabilities through non-digital storage of confidential data
– Issues accessing, retrieving, or amending essential data stored in the cloud
– Reduction in ability to identify and take new growth and development opportunities
– Problems tracking any new changes made by local or nationwide competitors

Ultimately, what these issues do is make it harder for a business to thrive. At a time when customers, consumers, and clients expect more from the businesses they choose to use, not making full use of widely available digital technologies can be a massive hindrance. From brand awareness all the way through to loyalty, the internet has fast become an essential building block of a successful company.

Fixing the Problem

So what’s the solution? Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly to improve the reliability of your business broadband and reduce the risk of experiencing these common complaints. While more rural businesses may continue to struggle somewhat with reliability due to distances from enabled exchanges, sometimes simply switching to an alternative internet service provider who can offer better speeds and services within your particular region can be enough to make a significant difference.

Upgrading & Futureproofing

Of course, if you did feel that it was about time for an upgrade, then moving from standard business broadband to something with a little more guarantee can be beneficial. Fibre to the premises (FTTP) or dedicated leased lines are both worth checking out. Leased lines especially can be great for businesses who value added reliability, with service level agreements creating uptime targets for ISPs to adhere to.

These services aren’t just an upgrade; they’re also one of the most effective and efficient ways to futureproof your business. While switching to a new internet service provider can help to meet your current needs, it’s worth considering whether this method would continue to meet your needs in the future. If you find that you’re beginning to outgrow your current service, or anticipate major growth and development in the near future, upgrading now can be a more cost effective solution to your problem.

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