Perceptions of UK Leased Line Costs Out of Date

Recent reports suggest that perceptions of UK leased line costs are severely outdated, with many businesses allowing these incorrect notions to deter them from upgrading their slow, unreliable internet connections to fast services that would enable their businesses to develop further within their sector. According to the City of London Corporation, ‘leased lines are prohibitively expensive for many small companies, leaving them struggling on copper ADSL lines with slow speeds and unreliable connectivity’.


‘Prohibitively’. That’s the key word here; that’s the word that clearly demonstrates how perceptions of UK leased line costs aren’t currently in line with actual costs from major providers such as BT, Virgin Media, and Luminet, for example. UK leased line costs cannot reasonably be described as ‘prohibitively’ expensive, and they haven’t been for a number of years now. However, due to the high costs of leased lines initially, we are still seeing a definite stigma surrounding UK leased line costs. Unfortunately, it is this stigma that is meaning that many businesses are struggling to grow their company by feeling trapped with low speed ADSL connections that are, for many, proving to be highly unreliable.

Here’s what your business needs to know about current UK leased line costs:

UK leased line costs have been dropping consistently in recent years, largely in line with reductions in telecoms services, and due to leased lines becoming increasingly popular. According to Leased Line Comparison, prices have dropped by 50 percent since 2011!

Recently, Ofcom have implemented new guidelines regarding the regulation of UK leased line costs, specifically targeting BT and there leased line services including BT Net EFM/GEA and BT Net Ethernet Fibre. Price reductions and price standardisations are already in motion.

Businesses are able to quickly and easily identify the best UK leased line costs by using online comparison websites dedicated to minimising business outgoings. Compare Your Business Costs and Leased Line Comparison are two of the most prominent business-oriented comparison sites.

Ultimately, while some smaller businesses and startup enterprises may find leased lines to be an expense that isn’t yet a necessity, those businesses that are struggling to maintain a solid growth projection due to ADSL connections that fail to meet modern business requirements should be considering leased lines, and should not be deterred by outdated price perceptions. UK leased line costs are becoming more and more affordable, and with new ways to locate the best deals, like price comparison websites, there’s really no excuse for settling for second best.

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