Should You Future-Proof Your Business with a Leased Line?

Reports suggest that the UK economy loses £11 billion each year thanks to business broadband connections that do not meet the needs of the modern employee, their workload, their duties, and their working patterns. Additionally, it’s estimated that the average worker loses around 38 hours annually as a direct result of slow business broadband speeds – an issue that desperately needs to be addressed.

Over the past few years, there has been a definite move towards ‘real time’. We’re already starting to see a huge uptake in real time marketing, for example, and B2B is now very much focused on real time communications, with video conferencing and instantaneous access to documents – regardless of locations – through cloud computing. For businesses whose work is largely considered to be time sensitive, many business broadband products are already failing to hit the mark, and it can reasonably be anticipated


On the other hand, we have businesses whose work perhaps isn’t quite as time sensitive, who operate from offices in superfast broadband-enabled areas, and who are finding that their current business broadband meets their existing needs. Great! But it’s important not to simply sit back and relax. What about the future? Are your needs expected to change? Are you making sure you’re doing all you can to future-proof your business by considering adopting newer technologies, such as an internet leased line?

There are actually many different products available to businesses wanting to future-proof their business, including a dedicated leased line and fibre internet services. By checking out business price comparison websites, such as Leased Line Comparison, it’s clear to see how upgrading your existing ADSL connection could prove to be a very cost effective move, giving your business more for your money.

FTTC – Fibre-to-the-cabinet is a fibre internet product that uses fibre to your nearest exchange, and copper cables to your premises. It’s often around 3 times faster than standard ADSL.

FTTP – A similar product, fibre-to-the-premises uses fibre directly to your office, allowing for a faster, more reliable connection. It is, however, not a dedicated connection like a leased line.

Leased Line – A leased line is currently the fastest, most reliable product available for businesses, with low latency and a 1:1 contention ratio which means you don’t share your connection.

A prime example of future-proofing occurred just a few years ago, with the introduction of HD-ready televisions. HD programming had not yet been rolled out on a wide scale, and yet consumers were jumping at the chance to ensure they were prepared for the evolution of television. It’s not different when it comes to business, so what are you waiting for? Ensure you’re ready for the evolution!

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