Ethernet First Mile Popular Alternative to Leased Lines

It has been reported that many businesses today are struggling with slow broadband connections which is making it difficult for businesses to fully reach their potential and to further grow and develop their brand. Many businesses in this position are advised to consider leased lines which offer an uncontended, ultra-low latency connection, but leased lines are not the only option. In fact, ethernet first mile is proving to be a suitable alternative for businesses who don’t require a full leased line, and many big name brands in the UK are now turning to ethernet first mile for a solution that meets their needs. We’re also seeing a number of major telecoms companies take on more and more ethernet first mile contracts.


The Walgreens Boots Alliance

Healthcare brand Boots has recently taken measures to improve its IT infrastructure not only within the UK, but also within Norway, too. Boots flagship stores have seen installations of fibre ethernet, while ethernet first mile is being rolled out across other stores in the two countries. Boots says that ‘our new IT platform, provided by BT, will help us to further improve the customer experience and our colleagues’ productivity’, and demonstrates how the brand is commitment to ongoing digital innovation.

OCS Facilities Management

Facilities management company OCS have claimed that, for their individual needs, ethernet first mile provides access to ‘more flexible technologies’ at a ‘better price’ than a leased line. OCS found that standard business broadband no longer met their needs after in-house changes meant that a faster upload speed was required for voIP and instant messaging. Through a 3 year ethernet first mile contract which facilities real-time contact, OCS hope to reduce their communication costs by up to 30 percent.


TalkTalk have recently announced that demand for ethernet first mile has risen rapidly among UK businesses, and that the company has taken on a number of ethernet first mile contracts as part of their SMB packages. TalkTalk are one of the only providers of wholesale fibre in the country, and do not utilise the BT Openreach network which gives them more control over their prices. Businesses can learn more about pricing, and compare ethernet first mile prices to find the best deals at Leased Line Comparison.

Ethernet first mile is emerging as a top solution for many of the UK’s best known businesses, and demand for this type of connection is growing quickly. Businesses who are outgrowing their old ADSL connections may wish to consider ethernet first mile as a suitable alternative to leased lines.

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