Are Leased Lines Secure?

At a time when more and more businesses are becoming concerned about the risk of cyber attacks, one of the big questions on everyone’s lips today is ‘how secure are leased lines?’. The answer, of course, is very secure. Leased lines are also called ‘private’ lines, and they’re called that for a reason. Your provider, whether that’s BT or any other leased line provider, reserves that line exclusively for use by your company, which means that there is never any public traffic on your line, reducing vulnerability.


Addressing the Risks

However, although leased lines are safe and secure, it is important for businesses to understand that there are still a number of risks, however unlikely they may be to occur. Some of these risks include:

● Accidental line cutting due to manual work (eg. street excavations)
● Intentional line cutting by a hacker
● Physical wiretapping, connecting to your company’s dedicated line

Although very rare, it is recommended that businesses draw up a contingency plan for unexpected situations, and take measures to ensure that their leased line remains as secure as possible.

Keeping Your Leased Line Secure

There are a number of ways that businesses can help to protect their data and minimise the risk of confidentiality breaches should a leased line connection become damaged and vulnerable.

● Never rely solely upon the use of a leased line for data access. It is advised to always store essential information in the cloud which can be accessed from alternative locations.

● Encrypt very confidential data using a corporate VPN. Should a vulnerability open your leased line up, the information that could be taken would prove not to be beneficial to hackers.

● If downtime is a major concern for your business, consider having a backup connection available, ideally from a separate carrier to maximise the chances of solid, continuous uptime.

Don’t be Afraid!

Attacks on leased lines are very uncommon, and these dedicated connections are proving to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to boost security and minimise the risk of data exposure. Hacking a leased line is much more risky than hacking a business broadband connection, especially wiretapping which requires someone to be in the physical location of your offices! So be aware, but don’t worry.

Advice for Business Broadband Users

While there are now a number of insurance products designed to provide financial assistance in light of a cyber attack, this is more of a treatment than a prevention. If you are concerned about your data, then it is advised that you look into upgrading to a leased line, which is much more secure and can help prevent an attack from occurring, not just help you to recover from an attack. Leased lines are much more cost effective than they were a few years ago, and you can now find great deals at Leased Line Comparison.

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