How to Save Money on a Leased Line

Although leased lines are now more affordable than ever before, and many businesses have found a leased line to be the most cost effective connectivity option for them, some are still concerned that installing a leased line could push them over budget. If price is a primary concern for you, don’t panic! There are a number of ways that you can help to reduce the price of your leased line. Here’s how:


Consider Your Speed

We know that speed is everything, and the thought of a 10 Gbps leased line probably has you drooling a little, but does your business really need this? Ofcom have found that low bandwidth leased lines are actually much more popular than high bandwidth leased lines. In fact, while 45 percent of leased line users have gone for a line capable of providing more than 8 Mbits up and down, 79 percent have opted for less than 8 Mbit lines. Opting for a slightly lower speed could significantly reduce your rate.

Think About Your Contract

As with business broadband, many leased line providers will offer lower rates for businesses who opt for lengthier contracts; perhaps 5 years rather than the standard 3, for example. Although this isn’t recommended for new businesses, it can be an excellent way for more established businesses who are very aware of their connectivity needs to save money on a leased line. New businesses are advised to opt for shorter contracts until they are confident that their connection will continue to meet their needs.

Compare Prices

Leased line prices can vary between different leased line providers, so it’s important to compare prices before signing on the dotted line. Many businesses find that it’s quicker and easier to use online comparison websites, rather than trawling through information manually. Leased Line Comparison — — is one of the leading online resources for comparing leased lines, as well as a wide range of other essential business services, making it the only comparison site you’ll ever need.

Despite the recovering economy, many businesses are still looking for ways to cut costs, especially due to the uncertainty arising from the outcome of the referendum. Leased lines are proving to be a very cost effective option for businesses that rely upon a solid, reliable connection, and who have found that business broadband services no longer meet their needs. By taking a few measures, like thinking about speed, contract length, and comparing prices online, it’s very simple to find a deal to suit every budget.

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