Leased Line Providers – the differences.

Leased Line providers will often claim to be your best choice for a variety of reasons but it can be a daunting and confusing market. So Leased Line Comparison are here to help you!

When considering what leased line provider is best for your business a good question to start with is what do you want from a provider? Is you decision picking a leased line provider mainly price driven? Are you only looking for an ISP with more than 99.9% SLA? Leased Line providers can vary quite significantly and its worth doing some research on each one. The biggest provider doesn’t necessarily mean you get the best service as with anything in life. With any leased line providers they should all be able to tell you their SLA, many will also offer pro active first line support – which can help you spot issues before they arise.  A key issue for many is the fix time so that’s also worth knowing – many leased line providers will have a target fix time (around 4 hours is pretty good) and a guaranteed fix time (around 6 hours is pretty good).

Leased Line Providers – the differences.

After the crisis of the data centre disaster with 2e2 that many of you would have heard of (look it up if you haven’t) another key thing that many users now consider is the stability of the provider. I know it seems a bit far fetched but average install on a leased line is about 3 months so if your ISP went bust and you had no internet how would your business cope? Its always worth looking at backup with a seperate leased line provider if you can.

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