Leased Line Prices – Myths vs facts

Leased Line prices can be confusing at the best of times. Why do the quotes vary so much? Why are this ISP offering x product for £40 per month as opposed to £400?

Fear not we are here to help unravel all the myths that come with leased line prices

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Myth number 1 – My ISP has offered it for £60 per month

Unfortunately this is always complete marketing tom foolery! ISP’s will always use clever marketing “buzz words” to help sell a product, the cloud is a brilliant example of that on a huge scale. Leased line prices start from around £395 per month in the best connectivity areas, but can be anything up to a few thousand in a really poor area so it can vary.

Myth number 2 – FTTC is virtually the same service and is less than leased line prices.

Although FTTC can be a big step up from ADSL it is still contended so that means you will be sharing with other users. The main issue with this is the downtime you will be likely to experience but also just having fluctuating bandwidth cannot always be the best option for a busy and fast growing business. Leased Line prices are higher because you are getting a guaranteed uncontended service so no sharing means full bandwidth.

Myth number 3 – Fibre leased lines are too fragile

Although terminating fibre cable does require some care to avoid breaking the glass core, in other respects, fibre is actually more robust than copper. Fibre optic cable can withstand a higher pulling tension than copper, is rated for larger temperature ranges, and is immune to EMI/RFI interference. In fact, one of the reasons the military prefers fibre is for its ruggedness and survivability.

My parents motto used to be you get what you pay for and it rings true with fibre leased lines. Leased line prices are higher than other alternatives but they are the most stable and reliable connection you can get. So if your business is growing fast and needs a reliable connection with the ability to increase bandwidth as you grown then contact us today to get a free quote.

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