Leased Line pricing on the decrease

Leased Line pricing has been on the decrease for the last few years now but pricing is lower than ever, especially once you counter in the BDUK voucher scheme if that applies to you.

Most people are now aware of the huge benefits that come with having a dedicated fibre leased lines and are also aware of the kind of scale of leased line pricing and that it has reduced significantly in the UK over the last few years.

Leased Line pricing is always based on your location and how far away you are from the nearest ISP’s POP location.

So why has leased line pricing reduced so much?

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To put it in simple terms leased line pricing has decreased so much mainly due to the volume of fibre leased lines available in the UK. As the volume of orders have gone up so the pricing can go down. This is mainly due to the amount of fibre that has been laid in the UK in the last 5 years or so. It also helps that so many businesses in the UK now rely on leased lines and once they get on a fibre leased line service they tend to stay on it long term which again makes it easier for surrounding businesses to gain access.

Leased Line pricing is at an all time low in the UK so now is a better time than ever to get a free no obligation quote in your area. We have even seen some come in under £300 per month! This would have been laughed off 5 years ago which just shows how far leased line pricing has come.

So if your sick of downtime or sharing your connection get in touch with us today to find out all about leased line pricing in your area.

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