BTnet leased lines vs fibre leased lines

BTnet leased lines often become a topic of conversation for many of out customers. They often seem to think that BTnet leased lines are unlike any others (great marketing team at BT business!) when in fact there is often not much difference, aside from the name! We decided to write a blog to help solve all the myths around BTnet leased lines.

Btnet - Leased line internet access product

So firstly what are the myths we hear about BTnet leased lines?

1. BTnet leased lines can guarantee me 100% internet up-time.

This is relating to their Service Level Agreement (SLA) and though its true they do aim for 100% its not something they or any one can guarantee. It does mean if service falls below 100% BT will start refunding you. However all ISP’s that sell leased lines will have a SLA and payback scheme in place. So in closing Btnet leased lines can not be guaranteed 100% but they will pay you back money if they don’t achieve that, as will many other ISPs.

2. BT are the biggest provider so I know what I am getting if I sign up to BTnet leased lines.

Yes undoubtedly BT business are the largest provider of fibre leased lines (Or BTnet leased lines as they call them!) in the UK. I would questions if this means they are the best for you? If you Google BT complaints they do receive some of the highest volume of business complaints in the industry according to polls on Forbes and the likes. Also because of how many thousands of business customers they have awe are often told by people moving away they feel like their business is not valued.

3. Btnet Leased line support is always open.

As is 99% of other fibre leased line providers. All providers we partner with also have 24/7 pro active first line support so it tends to be fairly typical of the industry.

In closing we understand BT have a major presence in the market but Btnet is the same as any other fibre leased line and in alot of areas can be more expensive so contact us today for your free comparison. We are also on social media and would love to hear from you:





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