Whats a secure VPN and how will it help you

Secure VPN.

Many of you reading this will have an understanding of what a secure VPN or virtual private network is but may not necessarily be using one. So we are hear to help you understand why your business should be using a secure VPN. Even if you don’t think so now we believe in the future they will be as critical as your internet connection.

So firstly for those that don’t know we are going to be explaining what a secure VPN is. A secure VPN is a group of computers, or in some cases a group of discrete networks, networked together over the internet. Businesses use secure VPN for private and protected secure connections between sites.

Secure VPN

When you physically connect to a secure VPN it will usually launch a VPN on your system which then prompts you to log in using your credentials. That then exchanges keys to a server and the other system or users of the VPN.Once both computers have done this and verified that the users are authentic voila you are in a secure VPN meaning your browsing is safe from spies and fully encrypted. There lies the most important ting about secure VPN’s – they guarantee that all your computers data sent over any internet connection is encrypted and secure from prying eyes.

So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the benefits of that to a company especially when corporate hacking crimes have increased at a phenomenal rate over the last few years. The real question should be can you afford not to have a secure VPN? Especially if you have anyone in your business that works from home or has to meet clients.

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