The Future of Business Broadband

While we can’t say with any certainty what’s going to happen in the future, what we do know is that, right now, the business broadband situation in the UK isn’t perfect, and the experts are suggesting that things may not be improving as quickly as we would have hoped. According to Ofcom, UK businesses are likely to be left trailing behind. Currently, only 56 percent of businesses have access to superfast broadband, compared to 75 percent of homes, and while it is anticipated that 95 percent of residential properties will have access by the end of 2017, this is expected to be just 82 percent for businesses.

Solution for Businesses

Recently, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) was asked to throw in their two cents and share their thoughts on how business broadband accessibility issues would be addressed in the future. The answer was somewhat surprising, with the FSB’s Senior Policy Leader Will Black placing his bets on satellite broadband. Why satellite? Because it doesn’t require the presence of physical lines, which has long been cited as one of the major obstacles affecting the expansion of superfast services, particularly to business located in the more rural areas of the country. While satellite internet does indeed have its place (in-flight connections, for example), it has too high a latency for it to really be beneficial to businesses.

How About Leased Lines?

Somewhat surprisingly, Black dismissed leased lines due to lengthy installation times, claiming that ‘any delays to the installation of broadband or leased line can have really detrimental effects on business’. He’s certainly not wrong, but if we’re looking at the future of business broadband, it’s important to take into account recent changes to regulation that have been implemented that would render concerns such as this obsolete in within just a short space of time. Ofcom have, of course, very publically shared details of their plans to reduce leased line installation time to 46 days (from a 48 day average) by March 2017, and to reduce this time further to just 40 days by 2018. Leased lines don’t seem so bad now, huh?

The Future

Right now, to consider anything but a leased line to be the future of business broadband is a little irresponsible. Of course, with ever advancing technology, newer services could provide an even better solution in the future, but for now leased lines are ‘it’. Find out more about leased lines right here!

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