The Benefits Of Ethernet Leased Lines

Ethernet Leased Lines can provide your business with a host of benefits. Most people assume all leased lines are Ethernet, however we have found that many companies will sell copper lines disguised as leased lines, so our word of advice is ensure you make it clear to whomever is quoting you that you require Ethernet leased lines.

The Benefits Of Ethernet Leased Lines

The benefits of Ethernet leased lines are :

1. Unlike Copper Leased Lines, Ethernet Leased Lines do not degrade over distance so you are guaranteed to get the speeds you pay for no matter how far away from the exchange you are.

2. Dedicated to just your business – this means that you will have a stable connection and not see fluctuations in your speeds which occurs due to sharing with up to 75 other users, which is what you tend to get on broadband services and FTTC eg infinity.

3. Ethernet leased lines can grow with your business and if the service goes down you start receiving money back off your next months rental charge.

4. Ethernet Leased Lines not only give you much better service levels on the line itself but the majority will come with 24/7 technical customer support.

5. If the service does go down the fix times for most providers are under 5 hours and as standard you will be getting 24/7 pro-active network monitoring meaning most faults are fixed before they even occur.

If you have a growing business or are simply using more data heavy process’ then the question should be how long could you last without an Ethernet Leased Line? We know bandwidth use is increasing at an alarming rate and set to triple in the next few years. Part of this is due to more media files being sent and being of a higher quality (think HD) which naturally uses more bandwidth. Ethernet Leased Lines can not only stabilise your current connection but helps you with future planning too. So Contact Us today to get a quote or have a chat or find us on social media:




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