Dedicated Business Internet – Why Do You Need It?

Dedicated Business Internet  – Why Do You Need It?

Before we answer why you need dedicated business internet we need to first think about why the internet is so important to businesses. The internet has become such a commodity now that its easy for us to take it for granted especially given its broad availability and use in our every day lives.

But when we think about what businesses need to be successful in this day and age, oddly the internet isn’t the highest on the agenda for many companies.

Dedicated Business Internet – Why Do You Need It?

Nearly all companies will need the internet for e-mails, sales and marketing activity and HR/payroll as a bare minimum.So when does your internet connection become business critical? The minute your business opens!

You can get standard broadband which many ISP’s will advertise as “business broadband” from as little as £20 per month, however the drawbacks of these services compared to dedicated business internet are that you will be sharing with about 50 other home and office users in your area meaning the connection will fluctuate throughout the day and cause the dreaded down time. The other main drawback of this is fix time can be days, weeks, months and the impact of no internet for that period of time for your internet can be devastating, not to mention the time you spend actually getting through to someone to log the fault!

Dedicated business internet can come in many forms and we have can vary hugely on price as all depends on your location. However even just being on actual dedicated business broadband which boasts a 5:1 contention ratio meaning you will only be sharing with a maximum of 4 other users. This would double your existing broadband speeds and give you a more stable connection if the higher end leased lines are out of budget. These services can start from around £130 per month.

At the higher end of the scale you have the option of fibre leased lines for the best dedicated business internet available. This would be fibre delivered to your business that gives you dedicated symmetrical speeds and is a crucial service for internet critical businesses. They will also give you a 4-6 hour fix time and monitor your network 24/7 and can start from around £295.

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