Dedicated Business Internet – Why you can’t afford not to have it

Dedicated Business Internet is something that used to be so expensive only the elite could afford it. Its quite a different story now with dedicated business internet services being available from around £200 per month.

We spend a lot of our time speaking to people who are on broadband services and want dedicated business internet to improve their performance. But that’s not the only reason you should be considering dedicated business internet if you are not already on it.  So if you are wondering if its the right move for your company its worth considering the following:

1. Having Dedicated business internet will not only improve you bandwidth speeds but also increase the stability of you connection, meaning you can say goodbye to buffering and your staff will be able to be more productive.

2. Downtime literally costs millions every year to companies across the UK, when you think about how much of your business is reliant on the internet you will probably understand why. If you internet goes down your sales are likely to, your finance team are effected and general communication has to go back to actually speaking to people! Granted that’s not always the worst thing that can happen but imagine trying to explain 20 pages of raw data, much better to pop over in an e-mail.

3.With broadband packages becoming more accessible to home users, sadly for businesses that means sharing your line with even more people, couple that with the fact that most files are naturally increasing in data it doesn’t look positive for broadband being sustainable long term. By 2018 you are likely to need tipple the speeds you need at present, so if you don’t have dedicated business internet how will your service cope?

T1 Internet Why You Need to Jump on the Bandwagon

We can provide you with quotes from a range of different providers, for different types of dedicated business internet services, depending on your location and budget. Contact us today for a free quote.

We also recommend using this bandwidth calculator which will give you an idea of what speeds your office needs.

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