Business Internet Service Provider – What’s the difference?

Business Internet Service Provider  – What’s the differences?

We often get asked if there is a difference between business internet service providers and standard internet service providers so thought it would be helpful to do a blog.

A noticeable difference is the price, standard broadband can be £20 per month whereas a dedicated business internet solution could cost you £400 per month. Contrary to popular belief there is a reason for this – to put it bluntly you get a much better service with a business internet service provider.

Business Internet Service Provider – What’s the difference?

The first thing that effects your connection is your bandwidth, while broadband can now deliver speeds up to 152Mb they don’t always inform you that’s only your download speed, your upload will be much less. With business internet service providers they can offer you symmetrical upload and download speeds, which can prove vital for many companies.

With standard broadband providers you are also likely to be sharing with other residential and business users meaning throughout the day as the line gets more congested your speeds will fluctuate heavily. For residential users, although this can be a minor frustration, on the whole its doesn’t have a huge impact. With businesses you can loose millions per year from internet downtime. In this day and age when everyone relies on the internet so much more to sell their product or service its important to have a business internet service provider who will understand how critical your connection is.

Another key factor is the overall service – how many of you have had to call a service provider before only to be stuck on hold for ages (no doubt to a premium rate number) and then get through to someone you doubt can spell their own name? Well that problem should not exist for a business internet service provider, not only will they often have 24/7 support it will be through to a tech-y which is probably not the politically correct term! But they know everything about your network. That coupled with pro-active network monitoring and a set fix time really makes a huge difference to thousands of businesses in the UK.

So in closing the decision to go for a business internet service provider is simple – If you are a business can you afford not to?

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