Leased Line Costs

Leased Line Costs.

Being a comparison of high end business internet its not surprising we often have people wanting to know leased line costs without having to run a full comparison. Leased Line costs are hard to guesstimate at times because they can vary so much eg. a 10Mb leased line may be around £300 per month mark in London but could be double or triple that in other areas. Generally leased line costs are lower in bigger cities but its not always the case.

Leased line costs not only vary on location but also on a variety of other factors. One of the key things that effects leased line costs is weather the leased line is managed or unmanaged. Leased Line costs will be cheaper  on the surface if you opt for wires only but this does usually mean you provide your own router and must be prepared to monitor the network and do the configuring. If you then add up the costs of doing all the extra work it would usually end up more expensive!

Leased Line Costs

To give you a rough idea the lowest we have ever seen for a fully managed fibre leased line is £295 per month and the most expensive is £1950 per month. We are happy to give you a rough idea of prices if you just want ball park figures – Contact us today on 01923 510357. We are also happy to have a chat about leased line costs and can even offer alternative solutions if leased lines are out of your budget.

In general most businesses find that leased line costs are far outweighed by the benefit from having a reliable and stable connection dedicated to only your office. 97% of UK businesses can save money on their internet costs so even the costs part may not be as bad as you expect. If you want to work out the classic battle of cost vs benefit for your business then speak to one of our connectivity consultants today. We are not a provider so remain completely impartial at all times – giving you the option that suits your business. We can also be found all over social media so feel free to follow us on:




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