Leased Line Alternatives

Leased Line Alternatives

We often get asked how to find a cheap leased line, but sometimes even our lowest price is too expensive for some businesses. Leased Line Alternatives can offer a similar service at a much lower price so are starting to become extremely popular with some of our clients, proving particularly helpful for start ups and SME’s. So we thought it may be helpful to show you what kind of leased line alternatives we can run comparisons for, as well as giving a brief explanation of what they can offer.

Leased Line Alternatives


EFM otherwise known as Ethernet first mile is a great leased line alternative and probably one of the most popular. They can start from around £225 per month and can offer :

Up to 35Mb symmetrical speeds
No hidden costs
Comes with the same guarantees you get with a leased line

EFM would not be a good leased line alternative if your business is growing fast and you need scalability.


VOX is a fairly new technology and rapidly growing in popularity, being seen as a cost effective leased line alternative. VOX can give you :

Up to 40Mb symmetrical speeds
Low install costs
99.97% Service Level Agreement or you start getting money back

Vox is not available at all locations and again would not be suitable for a rapidly growing business that needs scalability

Business Class Bonded DSL

Business Class Bonded DSL is similar to the ADSL services we are all accustomed to. The main differences being :

A 5:1 contention ratio, whereas with standard ADSL solutions its likely to be 50:1 – This means a more stable connection
Low cost leased line alternative – under £150 per month
24/7 technical support

While business class DSL are much more reliable than standard business broadband, they can’t offer symmetrical upload and download speeds so if that’s important to your business this probably isn’t the right solution for you.

If you want a chat with one of our connectivity consultants to help decide if leased lines or leased line alternatives are better for you then get in touch today!

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